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Two-day governance workshops


What is this training about?

This workshop looks at corporate governance for members and directors of corporations. It introduces participants to some of the key aspects of running a corporation. Topics include:

  • you and your corporation
  • corporate structure
  • roles and responsibilities of directors, members and staff
  • the rule book
  • financial management.

How are the workshops structured?

The workshops run for two days, 8.30 am to 4.30 pm each day.

You must attend both days of training to receive a certificate of attendance and be eligible to apply for our accredited courses. You will need support from your family, corporation and community for the time away from your usual duties and responsibilities.

How much does it cost?

ORIC covers costs of providing the trainer, workshop materials, hiring the training venue and catering (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea).

Some participants may be eligible (directors of small corporations) to apply for assistance with travel costs to attend. ORIC does not pay sitting fees and cannot provide child care.

Who can attend?

Applications are welcome from all directors, future directors and members of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations registered under the CATSI Act. Applications from corporation employees must be supported (an email is fine) by the CEO and a director of the corporation.

When we look at applications, we prioritiste directors of corporations (so make sure your corporation’s records are up to date in the public register) and people in the local area.

We expect

Participants to be committed to the training, have a sense of fun and be willing to work with and learn from others.

We also expect participants to show respect for themselves, other participants and the trainer.

Upcoming courses

Please note that applications close on the specified date—or earlier if it’s in high demand. To avoid disappointment, apply as early as possible.

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