Covid-19 Daily Updates

Doomadgee COVID Status Update


Stay Home, don’t go out if you don’t have to; thisis the message that Queensland Health are conveying.

The virus is beginning to spread further and in greater numbers, since the statistics were released, today up to 4pm there are now 28 confirmed cases across 12 households. Limiting your movements and public gathering will help slow the spread of the virus.

Community Health Nurses are checking on those isolated families daily to ensure they are ok, and their needs are being met.


Doomadgee hospital has reported that all of the people that have presented at the hospital for testing today Tuesday 1st February have returned negative results.


The isolated families have been told that they can take the children out bush or fishing as long as they isolate themselves from other community members outside that household.


Those people who have been vaccinated will have a better resistance to the effects of the virus, the COVID vaccines are not designed to prevent you from catching COVID they are to reduce the severity of the symptoms of COVID.


As everyone in Doomadgee knows Queensland Health have worked weekly with Council, Gidgee Healing and Doomadgee Hospital to make those vaccinations available to every eligible member of the community.  Vaccinations are still available each week at Gidgee Healing if you are aged from 5 years old and up, for those who have not been vaccinated yet or anyone who wants to get their booster or third vaccination.

COVID is within the Doomadgee community as it is in Mt Isa / Normanton and Cloncurry and so many other towns throughout Queensland and it will continue to spread all we can do is make every attempt to slow the spread by taking the recommended precautions of wearing a mask, staying a safe distance from people wash your hands regularly and covering your coughing or sneezing.


There is a testing station at the front of the hospital that will operate between 9:30am and 5pm Monday to Friday.  Testing is also available outside these hours by contacting the hospital prior to going for a test, so that nursing staff can be set up for your arrival at the hospital.


Nursing staff have requested at this stage that only people who are showing signs or symptoms of COVID should come to the testing station so that staff are not overwhelmed, it would be preferred if you contacted the hospital prior to going in for testing even during testing station operating hours so that nursing staff can attend to you properly.


It is important that we work together as a community to slow the spread of this virus. Please wear a face mask when you go to the Shop or the Bakery or the Roadhouse or any place where groups of people are gathering. Make sure the mask is covering your nose and your mouth.

If you or any members of your family are still unvaccinated it’s not too late to speak with Gidgee healing or the Doomadgee hospital to arrange to receive a vaccination.


It is important that our children are also protected from the virus.

Booster shots are available to everyone who had their second vaccination more than three months ago, so if your second vaccination was before the middle of November last year, you are now eligible to have your booster or 3rd vaccination.


At this stage, the Youth Hub and pool program will continue to be closed until further notice to prevent further spreading of the virus. This situation will be reviewed daily.