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Ordinary Council Meetings are held monthly from January to December based on the third Thursday of each month.
The meeting commences at 10.00 am on Thursday and closes when all business is complete.
All correspondence for council to consider at the monthly meeting should arrive at the council office one week prior to the meeting for inclusion into the agenda.
Please email trudy.mellor@doomadgee.qld.gov.au for more information on Council Meetings and Agendas.

2018 Meeting Dates

DateTimeLocationOrdinary/SpecialAgenda Available
Thursday 25th January 201810:00amDoomadgeeOrdinary Meeting19/01/18
Wednesday 28th February 201810:00amDoomadgeeOrdinary Meeting09/02/18
Thursday 15th March 201810:00amDoomadgeeOrdinary Meeting09/03/18
Thursday 19th April 201810:00amDoomadgeeOrdinary Meeting13/04/18
Thursday 17th May 201810:00amDoomadgeeOrdinary Meeting11/05/18
Thursday 21st June 201810:00amDoomadgeeOrdinary Meeting15/06/18
Thursday 19th July 201810:00amDoomadgeeOrdinary Meeting13/07/18
Thursday 16th August 201810:00amDoomadgeeOrdinary Meeting10/08/18
Thursday 20th September 201810:00amDoomadgeeOrdinary Meeting14/09/18
Thursday 18th October 201810:00amDoomadgeeOrdinary Meeting12/10/18
Thursday 15th November 201810:00amDoomadgeeOrdinary Meeting09/11/18
Thursday 20th December 201810:00amDoomadgeeOrdinary Meeting14/12/18