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Item Legislative Reference
Local Law Register s31 LGA09

s14 LGR12

Register of Cost Recovery Fees s98 LGA09
Asset Register s104 LGA09

s180 LGR12

Road Map and Register s74 LGA09

s57 LGR12

Delegation Register 2016-2017 s260 LGA09

s305 LGR12

Delegations Register Under s.257 S257 LGA09
Register of Interests
Elected Members
Register of Interest – Scharrayne Foster
Register of Interest – Tony Chong
Register of Interest – Edric Walden
s289 – 297 LGR12

Schedule 4 LGR12

Record of declaration of Material Personal interest – Councillor

Material Personal Interest Register (Updated 24 February 2017)

s172(9) LGA09
Record of declaration of conflict of interest – Councillor

Conflict of Interest Register 2016 2020 (updated 10 June)

s173(8) LGA09